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3 years of experience
Bachelor education
40 hours per week
Marketing and Advertising
1-10 employees
10 holidays
Development budget
Flexible working hours

We're looking for a Senior Email Marketing Manager who is a beast at building and executing email marketing strategy and creation for e-commerce clients.

This role is responsible for managing and overseeing a team of email marketing strategists, working directly with our clients to build and full lifecycle email strategies to grow their e-commerce businesses. This role requires a deep understanding and experience of email marketing, lifecycle marketing, e-commerce digital marketing, team management, and a client management.

Who you are

You have extensive experience managing teams, setting marketing goals, and executing email marketing strategy in the eCommerce space for 7- to 9-figure businesses.

You understand and analyze e-commerce businesses to identify bottlenecks and develop strategies to improve engagement, drive customer acquisition and maximize customer retention & LTV. You know how to determine & manage KPIs for clients to reach revenue goals.

You have the flexibility and skill to come up with different strategies and ideas for a variety of clients. You love brainstorming and testing ideas to engage and influence customer behaviour. You seek inspiration and love thinking of new ways to improve marketing strategy for your e-commerce clients.

You have a growth mindset & you’re constantly looking to improve and learn new things. You wake up every day excited about your work and you love the people you work with. You’ll work across our entire client portfolio and grow a team.

The best candidate for this job will have:

  • 3+ years experience managing a team in an e-commerce business generating $10M+ in revenue or in an agency working with $10M+ e-commerce clients
  • A results-driven approach to developing email marketing strategy with a clear understanding of how to strategically set and achieve email performance KPIs
  • An obsession with finding new e-commerce strategies to drive customer acquisition and retention.
  • A love for lifecycle marketing. You're passionate about understanding a brand and its customers inside out to build an effective customer experience
  • 2+ years of experience with Klaviyo & Shopify
  • No problem hitting deadlines and handling last-minute projects. You understand that in the eCommerce world, we move fast and you’re here to make things happen!
  • Understand and work well in startup culture - you’re able and willing to take on all sorts of tasks and responsibilities. You understand that things change quickly & we need to be agile.
  • Ability to manage a team and get your hands dirty when needed to build and execute a successful email marketing campaign.
  • A strong bias towards execution & results, with a love for working independently. You don’t need a babysitter and thrive when given freedom & flexibility.
  • Fantastic organizational skills - you’re able to juggle multiple brands and projects at a time without losing your head.
  • A love of systems and processes. You don't just love building a great strategy... you want to see it all the way through to implementation and results.
  • A working computer (preferably Mac) & reliable internet connection - this is a fully remote position!


  • Managing a growing team of email marketers & implementors (10+)
  • Managing and oversee email marketing strategy, creation, execution, and optimization for 10+ eCommerce clients
  • Managing on-site popups and optimization to improve list growth
  • Working hands on with & managing relationships with clients to build email and execute email marketing strategies to grow their eCommerce businesses
  • Managing & overseeing all client Klaviyo accounts to ensure compliance with best practices to improve deliverability, email performance and customer experience
  • Developing email marketing strategies to improve engagement, drive customer acquisition, and maximize customer retention & LTV for clients
  • Determining & managing email marketing KPIs to hit client revenue goals
  • Working closely with our Creative team to build and execute a creative email marketing strategy for campaigns and flows
  • Managing and overseeing an Implementation team to build and launch emails that are up to standard and quality
  • Building and executing optimization strategies to split test and analyze results to continuously improve email performance
  • Supporting the Operations team in building internal systems and processes to more effectively launch emails

Position Requirements:

  • 2+ years in a Manager-level role in an $10M+ eCommerce business or within an agency with $10M+ eCommerce clients
  • 2+ years experience in email marketing
  • Experience managing & overseeing a team of at least 5 people
  • Mastery of Klaviyo and other ESPs
  • Extensive experience in e-commerce marketing
  • Strong client communication skills
  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Ability to manage a variety of projects while upholding deadlines

If you share our Core Values & everything above excites you, then Longplay is the perfect place for you:

WORK IS ART: Your work is a reflection of who you are and you have high standards for both. You treat your work as art which means immaculate attention to detail and delivering your best each time. How you do anything is how you do everything.

CONTINUAL GROWTH:  You strive to be better today than you were yesterday. You’re always striving to grow and learn in everything you do. Your drive to grow is insatiable and you’re always asking thoughtful questions to improve. You see feedback as an opportunity to grow. The end goal is for everyone to become a better version of themselves.

ALWAYS ASSUME POSITIVE INTENT: We’re sensitive to what each one of us is carrying here at work as well as at home. And we always assume positive intent from one another and our clients. When someone misses the mark, we always ask questions before making accusations. Then we work together to build solutions.

DEFAULT TO ACTION: You take action quickly and you’re great at figuring things out. You’re able to move forward without all the answers and you bring solutions to the table instead of just problems. You’re proactive instead of reactive.

RELATIONSHIPS ARE KEY: You say what you mean and do what you say. You look for ways to make a positive impact on your fellow humans and make the world a better place. You have humility and take responsibility when you mess up. You take the time to understand what others think and how they feel. And you never forget that there are humans on the other side of your screen. We’re a team - both with our internal team and with our clients. So you set others up for success and you care about their personal wellness. 

SEEK STILLNESS: You strive to be calm, peaceful, and untroubled in work and in life. You love what you do and it shows in the end result. You know that you do your best work when you’re taking time to recharge your mind, body, and spirit (whatever that looks like to you). You set and maintain healthy boundaries that preserve yourself and your wellbeing so that you have the energy to go the extra mile when it counts. When fires come up, you’re great at taking a breath and approaching the problem calmly.

BUILD SYSTEMS & SOLVE PROBLEMS. ONCE: You think strategically about how to work better, not just faster. When a problem comes up, you find the core issue and build a system to resolve it so you’re only solving problems once. You spend less time putting out fires and more time figuring out where the fires are coming from in the first place. You’re always looking for ways to make your job easier so you can spend more time on bigger, better projects.

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