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Director, Partnership Development (Full-Time or Part-Time) Inactive job Promoted Remote job - USA
120000 - 120000+
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United States
5 years of experience
Bachelor education
40 hours per week
Marketing and Advertising
11-50 employees
20 holidays
Development budget
Company social events
Flexible working hours
Performance Bonus
Paid sick leave
Stock options

The Playable Story

Playable was founded in 2017 with the purchase of the foundation patents for adding video content to email.

Video is the most engaging type of content. Email is the marketing channel that delivers the highest ROI. But video and email have never played well together, allowing social channels to overtake email in user experience.

Playable has solved this problem. We’ve built our Video Email SaaS product, and now any marketer can add video to their email campaigns. Video that plays automatically in the inbox.

Our customers increase their video views, get more clicks, and sell more stuff.

Our addressable market is very big: 100 billion permission-based emails are sent every day. USD 270 billion is spent on video marketing each year.


Why Join The Team Now?

Last year we grew by 300%. We have 1000’s of paying customers, ranging from SMEs to blue-chip enterprises.

We have 10x more free customers who send out “Powered by Playable” branded video emails, as viral distribution.

Our technology integrates with all email platforms. It is natively embedded within Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Emarsys, and others. We will continue working with all email platforms until video-in-email is ubiquitous.

Playable has already achieved profitability without any dedicated marketing or sales teams.

2022: Playable is now hiring for key sales, marketing and partnership development roles.


Future Horizons

We’re just getting started! There’s still over 99 billion emails sent every day that don’t yet have a video!

Our video email product has a clear path to USD 100m revenue.

Beyond that, we have patent-pending AI tech that leverages our unique dataset of what video content works best for whom. We are building video marketing automation products that truly democratize video marketing, making it available and data-driven and impactful for all marketers everywhere.


Help Us Scale

Get in on the ground floor with generous ESOP & uncapped results-based compensation.

Remote, flexible, fun, family-friendly environment.

Join our close-knit, industry experienced team.

Have a seat at the table & influence the direction of the company.

Participate in a historic moment & influence the direction of mar-tech and video-tech.


Our Values

The following things are important to the Playable team. We don't always get it perfectly* right, but this is what we strive for.

Everybody has a voice - we strive for a constructive and inclusive debate and collaboration, and welcome positive input from all angles. An idea evolves to become stronger when challenged, even by the same person who is proposing it. Mutual respect is a necessary ingredient for healthy and positive debate.

Focus on the user - we often debate about what's the best thing to do. We've found that the most useful way to navigate these decisions is to focus on what's best for the user.

Data-driven experiments - we often debate about what's best for the user! Ideally we'll build an experiment to compare the alternatives, capturing real user data to measure what's best for the user.

Rapid testing of ideas - sometimes we already have the answer to customer hypotheses in our existing data. We have lots of data. Other times, ideas can be tested by instrumenting the current product, or asking customers some questions. Other times we quickly build an MVP to test ideas.

*Done is better than perfect - we borrow this one from Sheryl Sandberg. Perfection can be the enemy of progress.

Technology-led innovation - sometimes users won't know or understand what's possible, until it's presented to them as an MVP. Our Video Email product started as largely tech-led innovation, then we started acquiring customers and it became largely customer-led. We've now achieved a scale where we can devote a proportion of time and resources to more tech-led innovation, and we are working on getting that balance right.

Simplify - sometimes the best thing to do is remove a product feature. We need to get better at this.

Earn trust - if you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you're not sure how to do something you're asked, say so.

Results-based - before, during and beyond COVID, we embrace the benefits of remote work. A trusted and empowered team doesn't benefit from investing time on commuting every day. Delivering goals and objectives and metrics is more important. Travel and co-location when it's co-beneficial.

Meritocracy - when you demonstrate expertise through results, you earn more trust and responsibility in that area.

Director, Partnership Development (Full-Time or Part-Time)

We describe below a full-time Director-level role, however we are flexible to other levels of experience, and to part-time roles, or other ways to achieve our partnership development goals.


Director, Partnership Development is responsible for strengthening existing Email Service Partner (ESP) relationships through programmatic co-marketing activities, and growing partner channel revenue through co-sales activity with ESP and other partners.

The ideal candidate will also help craft the partner value proposition (what can Playable do to help partners reach their goals) and assist in developing the playbook for getting the attention and engagement of partners to join or activate partner relationships, including prioritizing strategic partners and setting a regular cadence with the most valuable partners. 

You will help elevate the perceived value of Video Email within the email ecosystem and ESP partner community. You will also help gather feedback and driving improvements to ESP partner strategy and playbook, including gauging appetite for deeper product integration – e.g. Playable embedded within ESP template editor. 

Responsibilities will include:

  • Manage and grow relationships with new and existing partners across wide ranging product verticals to grow revenue for Playable
  • Serve as the main counterpart to Executives and Senior Management at Playable’s largest partners
  • Develop a new Partnership capability by establishing appropriate processes, PRM systems and functions to drive partner growth
  • Formulate, launch, and iterate partner co-marketing and revenue growth plans and initiatives with strategic partners
  • Collaboratively work with Product, Engineering, Marketing and Legal to launch and grow partner derived revenue
  • Quantitatively evaluate partners to inform strategy, priorities, best practices and team goals
  • Build internal consensus on partnership growth strategies through thoughtful and actionable recommendations
  • Developing partner Sales Enablement & Partner Sales Support tools, collateral and hosting informal partner ‘office hours’ Zoom calls 
  • Build relationships deep into partner sales and account management teams to truly drive sales activities within partner sales teams.
  • Manage flexible talent (e.g. UpWork) for repeatable tasks; logistics of webinars – identify work efforts than can be outsourced and outsource them to help us scale

Revenue focussed co-marketing and co-sales activities will continue to iterate, and may include: 

  • Producing co-operative webinars (product demonstration & customer success) – seeking ESP agreement and participation, securing target dates, drafting and finalizing presentation content, agreeing promotional plans, delivering the webinar, followup activities to drive sales conversions
  • Producing partner orientated press releases – e.g. “Playable launches Video Email for X 2.0” (where X is a strategic ESP) – seeking partner buy-in, authoring the press release, SEO optimising title & content, obtaining approvals and publishing
  • Authoring marketing blogs (highlighting the ESP partner) – including identifying and interviewing customers
  • Designing partner-based sales programs and cooperative promotional sales offers
  • Producing cooperative email campaigns – demo’ing video email to ESP customer base 
  • Outreach to target groups of existing partner customers with a tailored proposition for video email
  • Setting up meetings with prospects (outbounding) and running those prospects through a comprehensive sales cycle and meeting or achieving set unit and revenue targets



  • Partner reach (number of identifiable prospects emailed, contacted or otherwise promoted to)
  • Partner named prospects (customer has opted in to provide their email address e.g. webinar attendance lists)
  • Partner Enterprise trials (with 100,000+ list size)


  • Partner self-service signups
  • Partner manager meetings
  • Partner sales team demos
  • Partner enterprise sales meetings
  • Partner enterprise sales (units & revenue)


  • 5+ years of partnership, marketing or sales management experience at an Email Service Provider, Marketing SaaS company or global/regional marketing agency 
  • Ability to develop and communicate strategy and high level concepts to team, cross-functional orgs, and senior level executives
  • Efficient and extremely detail oriented with strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience working with creative and integrated email marketing teams
  • Experience working with managing complex org structures, calendars, approval reviews and collaboration
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate and work cross-functionally 
  • Creative thinker and experience in insights and data-driven marketing. Results driven with the ability to analyze results/outcomes to inform strategic decisions
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment with a bias to action


  • Competitive salary with opportunity to earn additional bonuses or commissions (Salary starts at $120.000+)
  • Opportunity to participate in an Employee Share Options Scheme
  • A small tight-knit team with an informal but fun, hard working environment 
  • The opportunity to drive technical innovation within the global SaaS industry 
  • In addition to observed holidays, team members have 20 days of paid time off
  • Apple Macbook Pro and generous home office allowance provided


Please reach out to us at [email protected] 

100 S Murphy Ave
CA 94086
United States