Get Hired! Post a Job’s Manifesto
Hi there👋 Here are some of the main reasons we started this job board, dedicated to our fellow email marketing professionals.
1. Email marketing is underrated and that has to change 💪
The email marketing role has a different image than other marketing roles. It is frequently thought of as an easy role, mainly because email is so mainstream and used by everyone. However, effective email marketing is quite a craft. It requires a person that can code, think commercially, be creative, run projects & manage stakeholders. By providing a dedicated and professional job board with, we are trying to further help change this image.
2. Dedicated to the super helpful email marketing community 💌
The email marketing community is amazing and super helpful. If you need an answer to anything email related, you can easily use the #emailgeeks hashtag on most social media platforms and get help pretty quick. We always felt that this community really deserved a dedicated job board.

Building is our way to give back to the community that gave s so much by showing how to code emails, give inspiration for awesome email campaigns and is always helpful when needed.
3. Shortcut to a great job or an awesome email marketeer
Whether you are an #emailgeek searching a new job, or a recruiter searching for a great email marketer, there is a lot of noise in this process. Too much time wasted on generic intermediairies while it could all be so much simpler and faster. With, we aim to close the gap between great brands and great email marketers and connect them with each other. As an #emailgeek, you now have a clear overview of available & relevant roles out there. And as a recruiter, you now have a direct line to the professionals in this awesome marketing niche.

Enough about the reasons why, what is in it for you?
So, what can I expect from 🤔
😍 gives you relevant email marketing jobs - The email marketing profession isn’t going anywhere, actually it is increasing in demand (+7% in 2020). This means you have a lot of jobs to choose from! How many? That’s what you will find out on
🤓 People, not robots 🤖 - This job board is run by real #emailgeeks, meaning we are aiming for extreme relevancy. This means we do not use jobcrawlers or robots to share jobs, but handpick and select each job that you’ll find on We scour the internet, company career pages and social media to find the latest jobs out there. After a manual quality and relevancy check, the best are shared with you. Jobs are actively maintained and removed when they are not open to apply for anymore, so that each job you will find on is still open.
🤝More than jobs & community driven — We are here to help and really like to create a valuable resource for the email marketing community! We believe that the best way to land a great email marketing job is through networking, attending industry events and completing relevant courses.
🙏 Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time reading our story and motivation. We hope it made clear why this job board might just be the next great thing for you to use. If you have any feedback, questions or just want to reach out, let us know by writing us an email.

Team 🤳
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